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    Future-proof your project management practice

    Overcome the behavioral and cultural barriers to the effective use of data and analytics for improved project delivery performance.


Enable Data and Analytics to
Make an Impact in Projects

The use of data and analytics significantly improves project performance, but it requires a cultural foundation that connects and engages people, enables evidence-based thinking and facilitates new capabilities. Leading Projects with Data is full of actionable insights to drive the behaviors and culture shifts necessary to ensure a successful transition to data-informed project delivery practices.

  • Assess Your Project Culture and Readiness for Data and Analytics
    Identify the key elements, traits, and behavioral aspects that impact the use of data and analytics in projects, to assess the cultural readiness for data-informed practices.
  • Improve Project and Team Resilience Against Adversity and Disruption
    Drive adaptive capacity and a corresponding data informedness in projects to ensure responsiveness, agility, and timely action to unforeseen risks and events.
  • Identify and Address Behavioral Barriers to the use of Data Analytics
    Detect project knowledge gaps and causing behaviors and habits, and elaborate measures, processes, and skills to address those barriers.
  • Improve Decision Quality through Informed Decision-Making
    Decisions become less error prone by employing evidence-based thinking and a 'Prove it' culture and mindset, using diverse sources of knowledge.
  • Uncover Hidden Truths for New Project Insights
    Changed behaviors that focus on transparency, truthfulness, and collaboration will enable an evidence-driven culture and unearth genuine insights derived from data and analytics.
  • Get started with Data & Analytics in Projects
    Understand how data and analytics can significantly improve project delivery performance and prepare the cultural and behavioral foundation for a transition to data-informed practices.

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Who is this book for?

This book is primarily for project management professionals who want to explore innovative ways to grow their project delivery practice, while at the same time organizational decision-makers will benefit from the insights on cultural and behavioral aspects to successfully drive and implement their digital transformation initiatives.

Gain valuable insights to provide adequate management, leadership, and strategic vision for the transition to future-proof and data-informed project delivery practices, significantly lifting the value of project management in the organization.
Learn about behavioral and cultural barriers to data-informed project delivery practices and get insights on how to better support project managers in the effective use of data and analytics for high quality project execution.
Assess existing project delivery practices, processes, and get started on introducing adjusted guidelines and frameworks to make better use of knowledge, information, and data across the project organization.
Learn about data-informed project delivery practices, how they help to improve project performance, and what the implications are in terms of established practices, habits, and mental models.
Get a better understanding on typical constraints and challenges related to knowledge and information management in project management departments, which helps to succeed with the introduction of data-driven practices across the organization.
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Projects and Data

With almost three decades of international experience in technology- and data-driven projects, working with numerous organizations from large corporates to small business practices around the globe, I am well versed in project management best practices. As a result, I have developed an obsession and passion for innovation and the advancement of project and change management practices, focusing on driving required behavioral and cultural changes to improve project resilience and robustness, adopting a continuous improvement mindset, and transitioning to a future-proof and evidence-driven project management practice.


Marcus Glowasz



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